Hawk Sports Industries had accumulated its professional spinning dyestuff experience over 15 years. We focus on the development of Quality Products. We cooperate with customers' requirements not only the theory but also the real product application constantly. We go to great lengths to improve actively, build up the testing mechanism and quality control, etc. That also shows our professional role in the Sports Goods and Martial Arts industry and leads us to be the best, the professional and the diversification of the technical orientation company.

Our main Products are Sports Balls, Sports Uniforms , Boxing and Martial Arts Uniforms.

Since Hawk Sports Industries established, we expected ourselves to satisfy all the different requirements of customers. The same as following the diffusion effect of the global trend, we dedicate in the new product development, the latest technology research and the highest quality management orientation. We will produce the professional assignment from customers around the world and build up a clearer, profitable project plan for customers in advance. And then we will demonstrate our professional dyeing with proud.

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